A DJ Riz & Mr. Mayhem WNYU throwback…

Taking it back to ’95, check out the details from DJ Eclipse below…

Martin Moor & Mayhem started on WNYU in ’93 on Wednesdays and ran the show up until ’97. During those years they expanded their show to include Thursday nights as well. Both shows ran from 10:30pm-1:00am. Over time Mayhem would make Wednesdays more of a DJ themed night with guest DJs while Martin guided the Thursday night show. Shortly after Wildman Steve & DJ Riz’s WBAU show ceased in Aug/95, Riz found an opening on Mayhem’s Wednesday night spot as a guest DJ. Out of all the DJs that made appearances Riz was up there the most. Here’s a show from November 1995 which features an incredibly dope freestyle from Supernatural (50:56) who is joined by A-Butta (59:30) of Natural Elements. Shout out to Sunset who was like the third member of the team and Stretch Armstrong for making a snap session appearance at the end of the show.

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