Stretch And Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives (Cassette Tape 3/94)


Finally got the chance to watch the documentary last Friday up in Harlem and i’m glad i did. Brought back lotta memories of staying up Thursday nights taping all of the madness that Stretch & Bobbito were serving. After the show they had a bit of a Q&A with one of the producers (Omar Acosta) of the documentary, and one of the questions was “would there ever be another radio show to come along and make the same type of impact like Stretch&Bob”. The answer was NO, New York itself has changed too much and with the internet there’s no reason for kids to stay up late and not miss out on the exclusives. I totally agree with that. I’m just glad i got to grow up in that time frame.

Anyway, for all those that still rock with a cassette or two here’s a special limited edition episode from the time vaults, March of 1994 to be exact that you can purchase over at UGHH. Go back in time and enjoy a special time that will never be replicated.


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