December ‘Best Of 2015’ Mixtape(2015)

Getting a bit of a jump this year as i put out this early ‘best-of’ mix of joints that i rock’d heavy in 2015. Wish i had a bit more time cause i’m pretty sure i left out a few more songs.

d stroy – d stroy spray everything
cash us king – black liberation theology
amiri – what are we fighting for
substantial & the other guys – mlk
king magnetic – believe
prhyme – courtesy
nas ft. az – the season
daytona – n words
j live – i am a man
termanology – grade a
tug mcraw – ride with me
da buze bruvaz – spidey sense
j live – red & the kid
black milk – dirt bells
big shug – the reason
dirt platoon ft. djaz – garbage can
joell ortiz & illmind – six fo’
noreaga – in the 1st
apathy – the pendelum swings
apocalypse – mr. officer
estee nack & purpose – lazy day chillin’

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