DJ Blendz end-of-year note and stats…


Pic done by DURO

I’m a man of few words so i’ll keep this short and sweet. I just got a hold of a few of the stats for this site in 2015 and i’m proud to say that my January Mixtape was the 4th most viewed post here, so shout out to everyone out there on the check-in. Also want to send a big shout and happy holidays to my hermano Ethex who i did a very interesting interview with this past February on his graff days, among other things, and that said interview was the 2nd most viewed post here this year. Finally i want to send my thanks & appreciation to anyone whose shown love and donated a little something for my monthly mixes, i promise to keep posting up that dope ‘ish every month!

-Peace, DJ Blendz

1 Comment

  1. Aeyo,B.Seriously DJBLENDZ, from where I sit (w pnc BIG BOE,&A Few other #OriginalHeds ) you are ACES!!!!
    Your Commitment to excellence and keeping the culture is pure as any is very appreciated.
    Your kind words, more importantly actions mean more than words can describe ,thank you Peace,& infinite blessings to your family and ours worldwide,g


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