R.I.P. Phife Dawg…

“Noooooo!!” That was my first thought as i heard the news today about Phife Dawg’s passing. I was actually watching the Democracy Now program and as usual they play a record as they go on break/intermission. On this break though, they started playing Phife’s verse on Buggin’ Out and i automatically just start bobbin’ my head like “Yeaaa, that’s my shit right there” lol. But as the reporter fades out the music to come back from the break, i hear the words that pretty much crushed my whole morning. “Phife Dawg has passed away early this morning”. Wow. Ain’t no words to say but that Tribe’s music was pretty much my childhood’s DNA and now one part of that is gone. Gone, but never forgotten. Rest in paradise, Phife.

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