Meaning behind some of the words and sayings from the Stretch & Bobbito show (Video)

‘Hoppo’. ‘Honolulu’. ‘Bananas’. ‘A taste of cadbury’. *’89 Tek 9′. Only if you were a loyal listener of the Stretch & Bobbito 90’s radio show will you get these terms…

*The frequency that the show was located on was 89.9, thus >> 89Tek9

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  1. Even better, 89tek9 no I’d only because that’s where they modulated frequencies Atop The World Trade Center was the first signal in the history of FM broadcasting, of course no more…. sadly, peace, respect, resiliency and love to all the 911 victims.
    On a double or TRIP, meaning tip ( big the topic is vernacular) as KBL explained in “20yrs later ….”
    The TEK was 4 techniques as in turntables Technic 1200 microphone control Mike skills techniques production SP 1200 Technics anything you do had technique technique mean style so that was really why more than anything.
    God Bless,& Honolulu


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