“Leave the keyboards alone.. come back to sampling” (Video)

The ‘Funky One’ Lord Finesse hath spoketh

3 thoughts on ““Leave the keyboards alone.. come back to sampling” (Video)

  1. Hip-hop’s first real triple threat I will never forget seeing him lose to MC FreshCo at nms at the Marriott Marquis Hotel the same year that #DJMiz (from Philly also, as was MC FreshCo* “aint u,Fresco?!” W the PMD vocal snippet after that “naw black” obviously aware Lord finesse is from Morris (Forest,Peace MPCcrew)
    But like the true winner that this man has always been, that same night before anybody knew in my opinion he is the most underrated beat maker due to the fact that he is the only MC with that skill level I have ever seen get behind two techniques with a mic in his hand and do tremendous damage with both in the most positive light let me also add the Epic Percy P vs Lord finesse battles definitely check those out on YouTube their classic.
    Get everything in his catalog and don’t start with Return of the funky man because for there to be a return there had to be a funky technician before he could return lol, so start w funky technician and go through the whole catalog don’t forget about 12 inches like “Shorty’s doing his own thing” of course with the Sadat X hook from Diamonds great B-side “you can’t B-side to Sally got a one-track mind which if I’m not mistaken and I’m not Lord finesse is also featured on you can’t front that’s it. Diamond and Lord finesse one of my favorite 12 inches) finesse produced Shorty Long the artist one of my favorite 12 inches to this day and not also forget 2peep;
    this gentleman in 1995 you’ll find this also on YouTube he brought ala #XtraP, on the 11:11 93 show so epic it had an album; when large professor brought up his SP1200 shortly thereafter wIn 2 years Lord finesse brought up his SP 1200 for an epic session and the only time krs-1 made an appearance on the stretch and bobbito show was this evening along with Supernatural whom BOBBITO tossed topic after topic and he went off the top-kid, relentlessly !!!!
    great post BLENDZ keep up this diligent, and very warranted job; it’s beautiful work if you c@n get it
    LOL 1, and a very peaceful Monday evening to you all your support as few words and everybody in this movement worldwide
    #OneLove,g167 tds crew what’s up cia top rocstars en la plaza, paz


    1. Thanks for always sharing them gems, Gregg!!

      PS.. ‘Shorty’s doing his own thing’ 12′ inch (pauze) is 90’s gold btw


      1. Sup LordBlemdz, peeping the OJ Joint ,”riveting” that sound like one of the Light reviews yeah anyway I just wanted to say totally 1000% ditto your reply I still listen to it almost at least 3 times a week yeah the black and white video Crazy perfectly put to 90s gold totally different standard, 1isms you need to do a good story on OG I cannot do some on-the-spot reporting guest reporter LOL
        And you’re always welcome to the utmost,pz. It’s my absolute pleasure, g
        I definitely support THE movement but also/& especially this one in the underground movement.org keep doing this thing on all BLENDZ, g


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