“Donald Trump is right—the election is rigged. He should know, it’s his buddies who are rigging it”

The GOP’s secret war on voters

Donald Trump is right—the election is rigged. He should know, it’s his buddies who are rigging it.

Rolling Stone has unearthed a confidential list of voters who are marked to be purged, up to a million at risk by November. Who? Mostly, voters of color, i.e. Democrats.

In the just-released issue of Rolling Stone, a year’s-long investigation by Greg Palast and a team of experts, “The GOP’s Secret War on Voters,” exposes a scheme by 29 Republican state voting officials to purge the voter rolls of those who don’t have a Republican tint to the their skin.

Directing the secretive and racially poisonous attack is the nativist hero of the “Alt-Right,” Kris Kobach, the Trump operative who drafted the GOP’s platform and told Trump how to muscle Mexico into paying for his wall.

GOP officials, taking off from Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that “people are voting many, many times,” are targeting voters who are allegedly voting in two states – or registered in two states and can therefore vote illegally a second time in November. While voting twice is a felony crime, and less than 2 voters a year have been convicted of this crime, the GOP purge operation is removing tens of thousands of innocent voters as you read this.

As these double voters are suspects in a massive criminal conspiracy, the lists were kept confidential. But the Palast team got them anyway.

According to database experts who have statistically analyzed the lists, the program is “dangerous” and “seriously biased against minorities.” Already, swing states with tight Senate races, Ohio, North Carolina and Arizona, are quietly removing voters through this racially poisonous purge operation.

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