A master plan for gentrifying El Barrio, NYC…


Mayor Bill De Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito have betrayed El Barrio. Under the cover of “creating affordable housing,” they are planning to stuff tens of thousands of new luxury housing residents into El Barrio, NYC.

At the same time, they are zoning the more “glamorous” areas of El Barrio, so that working class Latinos will not be able to live in them. In effect, they are gentrifying East Harlem.

This has shocked the people of El Barrio, because the core pledge of Melissa’s council campaign was to “stop the gentrification” of El Barrio.

Here is an example of the “affordable housing plan” which Melissa and Mayor De Blasio have devised.
It is called East River Plaza:

Built on top of a Home Depot, the East River Plaza mega-project will have three towers: 47, 41 and 32 stories tall, with respective heights of 575, 515 and 455 feet.

The towers will create 1,100 apartments and import thousands of people into El Barrio. The builders claim that a few “affordable” apartments will be made available to neighborhood residents…after numerous apartment buildings are seized via eminent domain, and destroyed to make way for the project.

It is thus unclear how much new housing – if any – will actually be created for the residents of El Barrio.

The local response to this mega-project has been, at best, suspicious. Many residents are strenuously opposing it.

A consortium of community groups – El Barrio Unite – has held massive opposition rallies, City Hall press conferences, and has its own web site.

Here is a video showing a broad level of opposition.

Just last night in Taino Towers, at 240 E. 123rd street, nearly three hundred El Barrio residents convened to oppose the “Up-zoning Plan” for their neighborhood. Here is a video of some of the demonstrators.

Clearly, the people of El Barrio are unwilling to be duped, deceived, and displaced from their own homes.

The alliance of Mayor De Blasio and Councilwoman Viverito, their plan to gentrify El Barrio, and their motives for doing it, will be further examined tomorrow in Part II of “A master plan for gentrifying El Barrio, NYC.”

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