Judge orders Michigan state officials to deliver bottled water to Flint residents…

Michigan AG (Asshole Galore) argues that it is ‘unreasonable’ and ‘too expensive’ to deliver bottled water to Flint residents

On the same day that researchers said Flint’s water is improving with “amazing progress,” a federal judge delivered a legal blow to state officials in ordering them to deliver bottled water to the city whether they like it or not.

In a 12-page ruling, U.S. District Judge David Lawson ruled that Flint’s water is still unsafe to drink for certain residents and that the state must deliver bottled water to those households without properly installed or maintained filters until the problem is cleared up.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette had asked the court to stay that Nov. 10 order, arguing it was unreasonable, overly broad and too expensive — $10.5 million per month — to deliver bottled water door to door in Flint. State officials also had argued that bottled water can be picked up as needed at distribution centers and those who can’t pick it up can call to arrange for delivery.

For Lawson, that wasn’t good enough.

“He (Schuette) says that the current method of ‘delivery,’ whereby Flint residents must find a way to retrieve their own drinking water, and can use water filters that may or may not be installed and maintained correctly, is good enough,” Lawson wrote. “He is incorrect.”…

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  1. Flint is an experiment. Like Standing Rock. A test to see how much people are paying attention. The more ‘the greedy bastards’ get away with, the more they get away with. They cannot stop themselves
    So it’s up to The People.
    And don’t forget the power of the ancestors. Call on them now


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