“Give Your Love To Me”…

Carlos ‘After Dark’ Berrios gives the backstory on the TKA Freestyle classic…

In the last post, I wrote about “Give Your Love To Me” and how it came to be. Well it seems that I didn’t have the entire story! And it’s a great story to tell.

In the Bronx, there was a small studio that was home to Blue Dog records, which released both Marc Anthony’s self penned “Rebel” and Chrissy I-Eece’s “Love Desire”.

The studio was run by Chrissy I-eece and was a regular hangout for producers and artists, myself included.

At any given time you would see people like Marc Anthony, who at the time was writing songs for, and tutoring the boy band Menudo back when Ricky Martin was still part of the group.

Marc would also sing background on their tours when he wasn’t experimenting in the studio. Marc eventually started recording Latin tracks in that little studio. But not before working on several Freestyle records as writer, producer and singer. Many people are not aware of his work in the dance genre.

It was in this studio in the Bronx that “Give Your Love To Me” was created. Written and recorded by K7, the demo was produced by Frankie Cutlass, with K co-producing, as a possible TKA record.

Chrissy I-eece and Marc Anthony were only feet away in the studio and were easily recorded on the break along with George Lamond, Danny “Holiday” Vargas and Joey Kidd. It was to be an All-Star finish to a TKA record.

The demo was then presented to TKA’s legendary producer, Joey Gardner. But Joey, who didn’t like the record, turned it down.

K7 tells me, “Joey Gardner would often reject my demo’s and it would drive me crazy. He would turn them down but then later come up with something similar only transformed in a different way. For examlple, “More Than Words Can Say” was also rejected at one time and came close to never being recorded.”

With “Give Your Love To Me” rejected, K7 suggested that Frankie Cutlass record and release it as his first solo record. (This is the version that I heard back in 1991)

The demo was presented to Fever Records with Frankie Cutlass’s vocal and was to be released. But there was a dispute as to the ownership of the master with the owner of the studio.

With no compromise being reached, Fever Records decided not to release the record.

But, Frankie had been playing the demo off a cassette tape for anyone that would listen. (That’s how I came to hear it.) Eventually, an underground buzz swirled around the demo with the All-Star ending.

After Joey Gardner heard about the buzz he changed his mind and decided to record the record after all. But it had to be re-created because the master was at the studio and could not be used.

The new version of “Give Your Love To Me” was to feature K7, George Lamond and Joey Kidd as the new TKA. But that lineup never materialized.

There was even a moment when Marc Anthony was considered for TKA, being that K7 and Marc had been best friends since High School. But according to K, Joey Gardner felt that Marc would outshine anyone that tried to sing next to him.

There was also concern over their notorious girl chasing. The idea of having K and Marc on the road together was seed for concern and eventually the label rejected the idea.

“To this day, I feel it was the worst mistake they ever made, to not put Marc in the group”, K says.

K7 finally recorded the TKA vocal with the guidance of Marc Anthony. “Marc coached me through that performance. I did what Marc told me to do”, K tells me.

Ultimately “Give Your Love To Me” found it’s home on the Louder than Love LP, without the All-Star break. The idea was rejected by the label.

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