A salute to scratch rap tracks(Unkut)

One of the few remaining 👉rap blogs that’s actually dope👈 gives a 👉tribute to the DJ’s by dropping this compilation of scratch records👈 which you can check at the link below…


Track listing:

01. ‘King Goes Solo’ – Movement EX
02. ‘Deuce, Ace Housin” – Tuff Crew
03. ‘The Move’ – JVC Force
04. ‘Rockin’ Music’ – Steady B feat. DJ Tat Money
05. ‘Moe Love On The 1 And 2’ – Ultramagnetic MC’s
06. ‘Who Is This?’ – Three Times Dope
07. ‘Jazzy On The Mix’ – Busy Bee feat Jazzy Jay
08. ‘The Music Maker’ – Cash Money & Marvelous
09. ‘It’s Krack’ – Schoolly D feat. DJ Code Money
10. ‘Do What You Gotta Do’ – Jazzy Jay
11. ‘Behold The Detonator’ – Tuff Crew
12. ‘Mega Mixx II’ – 2 Live Crew
13. ‘The Universal Mix’ – Too Short feat. DJ Universe
14. ‘Hip Hop Dancer’s Theme’ – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
15. ‘Cool V’s Tribute To Scratching’ (Original Mix) – Biz Markie feat. Cool V
16. ‘Adventures Of Herman’s Lust (Moe Love III)’ – Ultramagnetic MC’s
17. ‘A Touch of Jazz’ – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
18. ‘Get Stupid, Pt. IV (Get On Up ’90)’ – Mantronix
19. ‘Pure Skill’ – Alliance
20. ‘Five Fingers Of Death, Part I’ – DJ Rob Hanna

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