Necro’s ‘Dead Body Disposal’ cited in Australian murder case…

Necro’s response:

I made the Australian news again – I seem to be part of the hot new murder story in Australia – let me start off by saying my condolences to the mother of this crime – I did not in anyway personally condone this dude deciding to follow or try to follow my 20 year old piece of classic art – he mentioned me as an excuse to act like he was influenced to kill – the fact is someone owed him money and he wanted to collect – the victim fucked with the wrong killer and paid the price – this shit got nothing to do with me – now the killer wanted to bring up DEAD BODY DISPOSAL – thanks but you did not follow the instructions in the song or you would not have gotten caught – so don’t try to make me look bad like I’m the reason you were mentally fucked up and decided to kill someone that owed you loot – you wanted to be on some gangsta shit and did your crime – take responsibility – if we gonna blame NECRO – we gonna blame OZZY & NWA too? What about every HORROR movie – video game that shoots and kills everything – the list is endless – I understand my song is a classic legendary murder track – but FRIDAY THE 13TH is a classic murder movie 🍿 🎥- yet it’s sells and little kids watch it – don’t blame art for the actions of someone with a brain to make a choice – his parents maybe should be responsible – and not to hurt the mom cuz I feel for her – but the son shouldn’t have gotten involved with killers oweing them money – take responsibility for your kids on both sides – good luck sheltering kids and humans from all violent art –
Funny how I get blamed but all the big corporations get away with selling murder art in the billions.

Speak your piece..

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