Rest in peace Blacastan(Demigodz)…

Rest in peace to one of my favorite emcees from Ct. At this present moment I have no details on how he passed away but I wanna just send my deep condolences to his family and the whole Demigodz/AOTP crew.

Below is an excerpt from an interview he did in 2010…

In 2010, Blacastan told journalist Phillip Mlynar about the origins of his moniker. “The name started in jail. I was locked up in the era of [Capone-N-Noreaga] and Mobb Deep, and when CNN came out I was floored by what Capone and N.O.R.E. and Tragedy [Khadafi] were doing. I had already been bitten by Wu-Tang [Clan]; I thought the Wu was everything, plus Nas and Mobb Deep. But then – boom! – CNN came and took it to the Middle East, tapped into everything from that desert culture, equated Queensbridge with Iraq and all that. At the time my cell-mate was rhyming too and calling himself Lebanon, He was like, ‘You should call yourself Blacastan ‘cause everyone already calls you Black.’ I thought it was corny at first, but started to use it, put it in some rhymes and it stuck.” 

Blacastan Ft. Apathy – Summa Cum Laude:

Blacastan & David Bars Freestyle(Rap Is Outta Control Radio Show):


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