August ‘Hip Hop’ Mixtape(2022)

Pic via @dikarabt(IG)

Some midsummer heat rocks to nod your heads too…

BodyBag Ben Ft. Supreme Cerebral – Right Of Passage

Meyhem Lauren & Daringer Ft. Conway The Machine – Red Pesto

DUS Ft. Spit Gemz – Nemesis

Him Lo & Giallo Point – Da Pen

Knowledge The Pirate & Big Ghost – Wolves Eat

Pounds Ft. Bub Styles – Waste Mgmt.

Tha God Fahim & DUS – Drift

Wordsworth Ft. Donae & Shydae – Fragility Of Life

Vic Spenser & Small Pro Ft. Flee Lord & DJ Revolution – Pitfall Music

Ransom – Overnight Success

Cappadonna & Stu Bangas – Bring It Out

Starvin’ B – Skullfucker

Filthy Heir – Where The Peace Don’t Visit

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