iPhone Cases(Merch Alert)

The latest iPhone cases with ‘The Underground’ logo is now up on my store. These are for the following: iPhone 7/8, iPhone X/XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone SE(2020 model only).You can purchase it below, or just share the link with… Read More ›

Winter Hats(Merch Alert)

Winter ski hats are here. Personalized with ‘The Underground’ logo in front and in various colors. You can purchase these at my online stores, along with a few DJ mixes I have up there. These particular winter beanies will probably… Read More ›

Merch Alert…

Restock is in for those asking when I’m getting these back. It has the ‘Bars’ logo in front, with a Phife Dawg quotable in the back. Black & Blue colorways only. Click image link below for further info at my… Read More ›