Graffiti Art

“And I wanted to talk to the wall writers. The guys that made the first crowns, did the first arrows, were doing the first stick pieces on the street. Really the guys that helped get style to what it became. So many of these people are overlooked. They wrote on walls in the late 60s and early 70s”…

Wall Writers celebrates original graffiti vandals… When subculture documentarian Roger Gastman was working on his encyclopedic graffiti bible, The History of American Graffiti, he met such unique characters among his older interview subjects that he decided to start filming them,… Read More ›

Bansky goes to Gaza (Video)

Via CP Banksy has once again landed in Palestine, following up his 2005 outing to the West Bank’s controversial dividing barrier with a trip to war-torn Gaza. The result is a two-minute video in which the pseudonymous British figure showcases… Read More ›