“Building was where Kid Capri really made a splash.. He came to Building and utterly destroyed the place on a weekly basis. And, you know, that was before the internet, but the word of mouth was so strong, and what Kid was doing in that room, it just elevated him to a whole other plateau as a celebrity”

DJ Stretch Armstrong takes us back to the Building club days… *pic from the personal archive of Stretch Armstrong* THE STANDARD: How old were you when Building opened and what was your life like at that time? STRETCH ARMSTRONG: I was 19, 20 years old. At that time, I was going to clubs every night.…More

Sean P! stories (Video)

Poison Pen and Torae tell a couple of funny Sean Price stories at last night’s candlelight vigil to mark the 1 year anniversary of his passing away. Rest easy, P.More

Gore Elohim (Nonphixion) interview…

Here’s a piece of an interview that 7th Boro did with Nonphixion’s Goretex p/k/a Gore Elohim a few days ago… Spe27: Non Phixion got back together for some reunion shows last year. What lead up to you guys deciding to perform again? Gore Elohim: A lot of reasons led up to us wanting to reform…More

Rammelzee(RIP) on the making of Beat Bop…

This is bit of an interview that Ego Trip released a few years ago, but was originally done in 1999. Also what the homey Brother Ethex was talking about when i asked him about the Rammellzee/Basquiat partnership… What are your recollections about the whole process of making “Beat Bop”? How did you meet Jean-Michel Basquiat?…More

Greg N-I-C-E…

In the latest True Hip Hop Stories segment from D Nice, Greg Nice reveals a Biz Markie story and the early days of Nice And Smooth…More