Food Warriors: Broadway Junction (Video)

The Food Warriors, Dallas Penn & Rafi, stroll thru my old neighborhood(I used to live right up the block on Truxton) at Broadway Junction in ENY looking for a place to find some grub. Check out if they succeeded…More

“Hip-hop disrupted the order of things, It was the pulpit, and if you put the right person in front of the pulpit, they can speak for the youth of the planet. Instead, it was altered and diluted. What you see now are performers who have been broken to fit into a mold. They are not going to disrupt the order of things”

Via When Mandy Aragones watches a movie or television show with her husband, Ricky Walters, she is ready for a running commentary. “Anything we watch, he always has another scenario,” she said. “He always finds an alternate ending.” In the 1980s, his ability to spin a tale earned him fame as Slick Rick, the gold-draped…More

Best of Combat Jack…

Catch up on some of this year’s best Combat Jack interview episodes this Christmas Eve while sippin’ on some egg nog…  More