Press Pause: The History Of Pause Tape Production

Good write-up on the history of pause tapes. Here’s an excerpt… A good pause button and a vivid imagination were all young hip-hop enthusiasts needed to create something out of their sense of wonder. Using a boombox or stereo with dual cassette decks, aspiring DJs and producers would play and record a sample from another…More

Jay Smooth no longer at WBAI…

And so, here we are. This is incredibly painful, despite all their efforts to make the decision easier. But there is no other choice. I will no longer be broadcasting on @WBAI. — Jay Smooth (@jsmooth995) July 19, 2018 Salute to Jay Smooth for sticking to his principles on this… Since 1991, Jay Smooth…More

New Year’s Eve Mix.. NOT

The good news is i was able to get into DJ mode for NY’s Eve last night at the homestead. I decided to also pop in a CD blank to record the festivities and share it with ya’ll today. Yaaay! ..NOT Bad news part: It was not to be as all i got was ‘CD…More

This music production tool is the reason why all new music sounds the same…

The Click… Imagine music as a recipe. Would you be able tell whether it had been made with artificially engineered ingredients or fresh produce from the farmer’s market? Canned tomatoes might work just fine—but maybe you wouldn’t know what you had been missing until you tried the same dish with heirlooms, each beautifully misshapen with…More

Brian Eno explains the loss of humanity in modern music…

VIA In music, as in film, we have reached a point where every element of every composition can be fully produced and automated by computers. This is a breakthrough that allows producers with little or no musical training the ability to rapidly turn out hits. It also allows talented musicians without access to expensive equipment…More

Soundcloud days might be numbered…

Oh, damn… The biggest platform for sharing music, especially fire internet rap bangers, has reportedly been pushed to the edge. A new report suggests that the streaming platform Soundcloud only has enough cash to survive for 50 more days. Soundcloud employees quoted by TechCrunch, said that SoundCloud cofounders, Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, told staff…More

“I hate the term ‘underground’ “

MeLa Machinko gives her take on the term “underground”… Yes, I know where I am. I also know where you’re reading this. But… I never liked the term “underground.” As much as I have always been in love with “underground music,” it has always felt to me like the very thing I love about the…More