Stretch & Bobbito + The M19’s Band Ft. Mireya Ramos – The Mexican(Video)

I posted the audio of this song a while back, now we get a proper official video…

Stretch & Bobbito + The M19’s Band Ft. Maimouna Youseff – I Know You, I Live You

Yet another well-done remake off the Stretch & Bobbito w/ the M19’s Band project

Stretch & Bobbito & The M19’s Ft. Mireya Ramos – The Mexican

New single off Bob & Stretch’s debut album with the M19’s band

Crazy Legs vs. Bobbito (Video)

Crazy Legs

Uprock battle in a deleted scene from Bobbito’s latest autobiography ‘Rock Rubber 45’s’

Rock Rubber 45’s (Video trailer)

Bobbito’s new documentary on basketball, sneakers, and music oddysey from his NYRican perspective…

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito return with a new podcast (Video)

I know i’m a few days late on this news but so what. It’s always a great thing to hear Bob & Stretch back on the air...

Stretch & Bobbito (Live Event)

If you’re cruising or walking around the NYC area, check out the return of Stretch & Kool Bob Love down at the Meatpacking District (pause)…