June ‘Freestyle Classics’ Mixtape(2022)

Gas up (if you can afford it) your Monte Carlo’s cause we going on a late 80’s Freestyle/Electro ride on this one… Stevie B – Spring Love(Acapella) Judy Torres – Come Into My Arms(Casa Mix) Voice In Fashion – Only In The Night TKA – Don’t Be Afraid & More – You’ll Never Find Another…More

October Mixtape 2021(Freestyle Set)

Freestyle Club classics from a mostly forgotten era. Too bad to. There really was some great music released during this time. Maybe ’cause Hip Hop was just starting to pop off and House music had the clubs jumping because of it’s Disco background, Freestyle just got lost in the mix.More

New Freestyle alert…

These new alerts are for those that think Freestyle dance music is dead. Not by a long shot. I hear thru the grapevine that Cynthia has a new record coming out soon, and Frankie Cutlass is involved in it so you know it’s gonna be dope. There’s a new Aby Cruz(TKA) record floating around that…More

Merch alert(Freestyle Mix)…

You can now get my latest set of 80’s Freestyle classics on this green USB stick. Over an hour’s worth of music on this one. Click on image link to purchase…More

July Mixtape(Freestyle Set)2021

Took out the Freestyle joints this Sunday afternoon and got to work. Lotta people be frontin’ on Freestyle music. Not me. I love most of it. Check out the tracklist of records below… Solid – Loving You/C Bank – Won’t Stop Loving You/Body&Styles – Listen To My Cries/Latin Rascals – Must Be You/Johnny O –…More