July Mixtape(Freestyle Set)2021

Took out the Freestyle joints this Sunday afternoon and got to work. Lotta people be frontin’ on Freestyle music. Not me. I love most of it. Check out the tracklist of records below… Solid – Loving You/C Bank – Won’t Stop Loving You/Body&Styles – Listen To My Cries/Latin Rascals – Must Be You/Johnny O –…More

Rare rap alert…

So I’m scrolling thru YT today & lo and behold I find this Trilogy record. Mind u, I only know Trilogy for their Freestyle & Dance records back in the day. So color me shocked when I hear them actually rhyming on some emcee shit., and let’s just say it’s not good at all. I’m…More

M19s Band – Biggie Freestyle Remix(Video)

What makes this Biggie verse special is that it was the first time he would be broadcasted on radio(March 1992). A then-unknown Big would go on to smash status a couple years after this Stretch & Bobbito appearance…More

May ‘SummerTime Vibe’ Mixtape(2020)

‘Rona don’t stop NOooo party. Here’s Vol 1 of 3 pts. Nothing but Summer cook-out music for the nxt couple months to dance and reminisce to… girls club ft. noel – how could u have the heart 1st impression – forbidden lover g.t. – i need you cynthia – how i love him lil’ johanna…More

Cynthia – Change On Me (Video)

31 years later, Cynthia drops a video for the Freestyle classic… This is dedicated to all my FANS- YOU embraced me since Day 1… Thank you for being with me and sticking with me through out my Musical Journey…I bring you my first song “Change on Me” ( Video)…31 yrs later…This was near and dear…More