MKG – Tear Shed (Tribal Mix)

Who’d have thought back in the late 80’s that in the year 2016 we’d have a Tribal House remix to the MKG Freestyle classic? Still prefer the original, but this is not bad…More

Bits & Pieces…

Going thru the Bits-N-Pieces megamixes on YT is always a good thing for an old head (like me lol)…More

House Music video alert…

AS usual here is a post of videos of records i played for the monthly mix, this month being the House Music edition… Voodoo Ray.. Stomp.. Rich In Paradise(Vocal) Weekend.. Break 4 Love..More

March Mixtape 2016 (House Music Edition)

A little break from the rappity-raps this month to bring you some of that classic House music I grew up on. I’m dedicating this one to the classic Tunnel/Sound Factory days of the late 80’s & early 90’s. Just playing these records again makes one realize how raw and pure the sound was back then,…More

Waxfood – Soulshaker

I don’t have much info on this soulful House track other than it’s coming out thru Perception Music and it’ll be wise to pick up if you a true head…More

Back in the House (Video)

This trailer is a bit of a look back at the NY House Music scene in the mid 90’s. It gets a little crazy towards the end, but it is House Music lol. I’ll be posting up more documentaries and videos this week on what i feel is a under-appreciated and pretty much forgotten part…More

Video alert…

A few videos of them Club/House classics that i played on my May Mixtape…More

May Mixtape (2015)

Finally! With a day to spare, i present to you the May Mixtape. Full of nothin’ but classic House/Club music joints..Enjoy!More

Pump Up The Volume: The history of House Music (Video)

This is a great documentary released in 2001 with a lot of features from the DJ’s and producers who made the scene what it was. If you’re into House/Club music and have not seen this yet I suggest you make some time for it. One of the reasons I’m also posting this is because for…More