So Wassup?: Episode 6(Nas ‘Represent’)

We all have heard by now of Nas’ lack of ear for beats. As usual, Nas had to get nudged to use the ‘Represent’ beat that you hear on Illmatic lol. Thank God he had a gang of capable producers there to guide him…More

Nas – Store Run

One of the cuts that stood out (so far) from the new Nas jawn… Note: Click on link as FB seems to have blocked it from viewing anywhere else.More

DJ Khaled Ft. Nas, Jay Z – Sorry Not Sorry(Video)

Not the usual vibe we on over here but this Nas & Jay featured cut from Khaled is cool with me. On a side note, when we gonna learn to appreciate artists we grew up on? When they’ve passed away? Give them the flowers while they still here… 💐🌷More

On Nas new album…

Nasir always finds a way to disappoint me. I do like ‘Kings Disease’, which I posted earlier, and ‘Blue Benz’ so it ain’t a total L for him.More