Foundation Lesson #25: The Genius Of Marley Marl (Video)

JayQuan explains why Marley Marl is the blueprint for the modern day sampling producer, by methodically dissecting his catalog and technique…

“Leave the keyboards alone.. come back to sampling” (Video)

The ‘Funky One’ Lord Finesse hath spoketh

Large Professor: Diggin’


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“I’m always digging. I always have to check for some new records. I just came back from Pittsburgh. I hit up Jerry’s, and there’s thousands and thousands of records in there. They have towering shelves of 45s. You have to get on ladders to go up. It’s kind of crazy in there.

“These days, since there’s such a lack of jazz in New York—they kind of canned CD101, and now they have WBGO which is dope—I’ve been kind of gravitating to the jazz a little more. We gotta keep that jazz flowing. They wanna throw the lid on jazz, so I’ve been going to a lot of jazz. Everything else after that—the psych rock, the soul. But definitely the jazz. I’ve been going hard trying to get the jazz records lately.

“This time [when I went to Jerry’s] I was looking for jazz, and the last time I was looking for jazz. But it varies. Sometimes I may be looking for a specific title. After record collecting for all of these years, it could be a combination. Like, I’ll have a list in my phone. I have songs that I’ve Shazam’d. It’s like a kid in a candy store when I go into a record store.

“I like Infinity Records on Long Island. A lot of times when I go into Infinity, it’s empty. And I can just go in there, and take my time and be easy with it, as opposed to going to the city to places like Academy or Brooklyn Academy. Like, I’m not the dude that’s in the record store on Record Store Day. I’m a luxurious digger. I be chillin’ out, coolin’, and taking my time. But I like Academy, Infinity, and I’ve been to a lot of Midwest spots that I came up in. But just all over, in general.”

RIP Larry Smith

Lotta classics from my childhood that this man made, here’s but only a few that he produced.. Joints that are forever etched in my memory. Thanks for the soundtrack, Larry Smith. Rest in peace :*(


DJ Premier vs. Pete Rock (Video)

Yea I know this is a couple years old but so what..lotta dope shit being played.

88 Keys beat tape…

Via his Soundcloud:

So I found this beat tape I made (my guess is back in ’01) in my parents’ basement today out in West Hempstead, NY.

I sold one beat on here to Mos Def which was used for his song… Ahhh, just do you homework.

Jay-Z recorded a song to one of the other beats on here as well but I never heard it (still to this day).

DJ Premier interview…

The interview is over at L&T. Here’s a tidbit of it…

L+T: I don’t trust hearsay, so I will just ask – is it true that you’re actually working on an album with Nas this year or is that a rumor?

DJ Premier: This is what Nas told me recently and every time that we talk this is what he tells me; he says, “Look, I got another new album I got to do on Def Jam and then my contract is over. I’d rather do your album…that’s because we can do whatever we want. There’s no strings. We can just rock out.” Everybody’s like, “When are ya’ll gonna do an album?” I’m not rushing it and I have other things to do. I don’t even take it personal when he’s like, “Yo, I’m working this first.” Whenever he says that he’s ready, I’m going in. So, that was always my way of looking at it. I never looked at it no other way. I ain’t trippin.’