Chem Trail Rap forever…

The latest Unkut post has Robbie analyzing various rappers’conspiracy theories… Chem Trail Rap, also known as Tinfoil Hat Rap, Eff The Illuminati Rap or Flat Earther Rap, has been permanent fixture of hip-hop ever since it became passe to talk… Read More ›

“Right now we write for any artist who pays us but this is only temporary. What we’re really trying to do, long term, is to put our whole crew of writers behind just 1 artist and have him blow up huge. Once we find this artist, we’ll be cutting ties with every other artist we’ve worked with and writing exclusively for him. Lets label this 1 artist the “PW Artist”

Robbie over at Unkut exposing the “thirst(y) bucket companies”: It’s recently come to my attention that a new thirst bucket company by the name of Precision Writtens is outchea harassing every second rapper on the internets to employ their services to create… Read More ›